Meet Karin Richey


Karin Richey

Has a degree in Communications and has worked in marketing, communications and e-learning for the past decade.

Hosts of the Book Insights

Hi! Karin here, I'm one of the hosts of the Book Insights podcast and just wanted to introduce myself.

Every week my cohost, bestselling author Tom Butler Bowdon, and I along with knowledgeable guests discuss a bestselling book that will help your work and life.

Memo'd is all about sharing succinct knowledge so here are a few fast facts about me:

*I podcast from the San Francisco Bay Area (Castro Valley!) and connect with Tom in London. Our guests have been from all over the US and the world! 🌎

*I have a Bachelor's degree in Communications, was a professional Graphic Designer for about 10 years and fell in love with nonfiction books by listening to them as I designed all day at work. 🎧

*I'm a mom of 2 elementary schoolers, a son and daughter and have been married for nearly 14 years. You'll hear me gripe about alla that in the podcast 😆

*My favorite books that may or may not ever end up as podcast episodes are Trevor Noah's Born a Crime and Tiffany Haddish's Last Black Unicorn. But my fave Book Insight is Elizabeth Gilbert's book Big Magic! 💖

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